poster for Robert Starer & Francis Thorne with the Albany Symphony

Robert Starter 1. Evanescence The American Brass Quintet Raymond Mase, Chris Gekker, trumpets - David Wakefield, horn - Michael Powell, trombone - John Rojak, bass trombone

Francis Thorne Symphony No. 7 "Along the Hudson" 2. I. Fanfare for Albany, for Maestro David Alan Miller 3. II. The Bend in the River, after Frederick E. Church, for Peter Kermani 4. III. The Source, for Lyn Chase 5. IV. Along the Hudson, after Walt Whitman for J.D. McClatchy Albay Symphony Orchestra, David Alan Miller, conductor - Crane Concert Choir, Dr. James S. Imhoff, conductor

Robert Starer Hudson Valley Suite 6. I. Sources 7. II. The View from Olana 8. III. Dances on a Terrace 9. IV. A Glimpse of West Point 10. V. Past Gotham and on to the Sea Albany Symphony Orchestra, David Alan Miller, conductor

Francis Thorne 11. Simultaneities The America Brass Quintet - Richard Fitz, percussion - Stephen Bell, guitar