poster for Aaron Jay Kernis: Three Flavors


Three Flavors (2002/2013) * 1. No. 1. Ostinato 2. No. 2. Luulaby - Barcarolle 3. No. 3. Blue Whirl

Two Movements (with Bells) (2007) ** 4. I. Poco Adagio 5. II. A Song for My Father

  1. Ballad(e) out of the Blue(s) - Superstar Etude No. 3 (2007) ***

World Premiere Rrecordings Andrew Russo, Piano (On all Tracks) James Ehnes, Violin * Albany Symphony Orchestra * David Alan Miller

Winner of the coveted 2002 Grawemeyer Award and one of the youngest composers ever to be awarded the Pulitzer Prize, Aaron Jay Kernis is among the most distinguished musical figures of his generation. Conceived as a concerto for toy piano and orchestra, and with touches of Indonesian gamelan, French lyricism and jazz, Three Flavors appears here in its final version, adapted by soloist and long-term collaborator Andrew Russo. Commissioned for renowned violinist James Ehnes, the introspective Two Movements (with Bells) is a memorial to the composer’s father with echoes of blues singing and improvisatory impetuousness, while the virtuoso Superstar Etude No. 3 is his homage to Gershwin and the blues.